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About the E-Rides Hoverboards

The first ride with a hoverboard? Here are a few useful tips for you:
We would like to say a few words in advance: the E-Rides hoverboards do not have to be adjusted first, but you can climb directly on the hoverboards, and go. The integrated innovative self-balancing system makes riding the latest E-Rides hoverboards even easier than with previous models. At the same time, our hoverboards are designed so that the machine and sensors don't take away the fun of self-balancing. So you train your sense of balance and body control through the ride. Nevertheless, more safety functions are implemented. For example, the active fall protection function of the E-Rides hoverboard prevents serious falls from the hoverboard. The built-in highly sensitive sensors track the driving behaviour of the users. As soon as a foot is under the paddle, the hoverboard is automatically switched off. An additional function is the automatic warning on low battery level: A nightmare when hoverboarding is: You drive the hoverboard. All of a sudden the battery goes out and the hoverboard suddenly stops. The driver flies out and injures himself. But that won't happen with the E-Rides hoverboards. With the help of the digital battery indicator on the hoverboard, the battery level can be monitored at any time. You only have to look down once. When the battery indicator turns red, the battery level is low. If there's only 20% battery left, there's an immediate warning with sound, then try to recharge the hoverboard as soon as possible. A charge usually takes 2-3 hours. Then you can drive the board again. 

What do you have to pay attention to when getting on a hoverboard for the first time?
Before the first ride you should carefully climb onto the paddle with the dominant foot first, then the other foot. Then you should try to stand as straight as possible and keep the heavyweight between both legs. If the weight is shifted on one leg, or one foot presses more strongly than the other on the paddle, the hoverboard may rotate and you lose your balance. As soon as you stand with both feet on the hoverboard and keep your balance, you can try to ride. If you shift your weight lightly and evenly on both front feet, lean slightly forward or press lightly with your front foot, the hoverbards will ride on its own. If you shift your body weight slightly on your heels, the hoverboard will move backwards. By shifting the weight on one leg or pressing one foot the hoverboard can bend. An easy game for everyone! 

Can small children also ride a hoverboard?
The answer is yes. The hoverboards are for children 7+ years. Smal children under 3 years should not use the hoverboard. Our customers tell us that the smaller the children are, the faster they can learn to hoverboard. As the children's centre of gravity is lower than that of adults, you can usually master hoverboarding well after only a short period of practice. Many of our little customers can already dance on the hoverboard with the music. For safety reasons we still recommend to give hoverboards to children with a body weight of 20kg or more. We recommend to use a safety helmet to avoid injuries. 

How fast can I ride a hoverboard?
The E-Rides Hoverboards can ride up to 12mph. This is 3 times as fast as walking. Usually you ride at a much lower speed. For safety reasons the E-Rides Hoverboard is designed to give a speed warning. 

Everybody talks about battery and performance. What exactly is it like?
The hoverboards are fully electric. The hoverboards are equipped with 2 350w high performance electric motors, which guarantee a smooth ride. The hoverboards are equipped with high-quality brand lithium batteries to guarantee performance and reliability. The battery charging time is usually 2 hours. During normal driving, a distance of up to 20 km to 30 km per battery charge can be guaranteed, as well as up to 15 degrees increase. The battery level can be clearly seen on the display. 

What material is the body of the hoverboards made of?
We attach great importance to the use of high-quality, environmentally friendly and fire-resistant materials. The robust carrying plate of the E-Rides hoverboards is made of especially high-quality aluminium material, which combines stability and lightness. 100kg can carry even the smallest Self Balancing Hoverboards without any problems. The bodywork of our Self Balancing Scooters is made of environmentally friendly and fire resistant plastic, which is RoHS certified. The chrome coating gives the e-boards a fashionable shine. The chrome hoverboards are particularly popular. 

How much does a hoverboard cost?